Primary Project

  • Primary Project is a national evidence based early intervention program that helps children adjust to school, gain confidence, social skills, and focus on learning.  The child associates are trained specifically to use creative and expressive play in order to assist the selected children develop these skills. The child associate meets with the selected child each week individually for 30 minutes over 12-15 weeks. A trusting relationship develops while assisting the child with developing skills and learning problem solving.  This program is available for students in grades K – 3. 

    Contact the Elementary School Social Worker, Virginia Kassay, for more details about how children are selected and enrolled in this program.

Special Friends

  • Special Friends – is an early intervention program designed to help students who are perceived as having some possible difficulties in completing a successful school year.  An experienced adult, who is trained to be a good listener and role model, will provide support, encouragement and help build your child’s self-esteem.  During the scheduled time, your child will be able to play games, read together, draw and share experiences and feelings.

    The Principle purpose of this program is to ensure that a child, who might otherwise experience difficulty, will receive “special” individualized time during the school day with someone who cares about them. It is our hope that early intervention will resent in the prevention of related school difficulties. 


  • Based on over 20 years of research and classroom application, the award-winning SecondSTEP program integrates academics with social and emotional learning.  SecondSTEP is a classroom based curriculum utilized by Mrs. Mall that helps students develop important social and emotional skills.  In grades K–5, students practice skills such as making friends, managing emotions, cooperation, respect, and solving problems to set them on the path for social success and academic readiness.  Children also learn to recognize and respect people with different backgrounds, perspectives, and ethnicities. These essential life skills will help students in the classroom, on the playground, and at home.

    Please go to the following link to learn more about Scope and Sequence for SecondSTEP lessons:



  • Virginia Kassay, LMSW Social Worker/Primary Project Supervisor x2118

    Sheri Parucki, School Psychologist x2113

    Amanda Mall, Counselor/SecondSTEP Coordinator x2017

    Kayla O'Dell, LMSW, Social Worker x2112

    Robin Nervegna, K & 1st Grade Child Associate x2202

    Sullivan West Elementary School

    33 Schoolhouse Hill Road
    Jeffersonville, NY 12748
    Phone:   845-482-4610